February 8th, 1:38am

Still Pool, July 12:13am.

Mission, October.

Late 70's Ranch - February, 2:40am.

Corner House with Pines - Early March, Late Evening.

Suburban Homes with Snow - February, 2:37am.

Bedroom Windows with Melting Snowman - January, 3:48am.

Backyard Pool with Water-slide - March, 3:30am.

Stretch Between Street Lights - March, 11:47pm.

Windows Overlooking a Neighbor's Yard - Valentine's Day, 3:47am.

Vacant Suburban Home with Nightlights - January, 3am.

70's Suburban Ranch with Lighted Bay Window - March 3:01am.

Lamplight on a Suburban Street - Late January, 3:20am.

Spruce Tree by a Streetlamp - January, 2am.

Reflection of moonlight off the snow-covered rooftops against the sky - Late January, 10pm.

Suburban Skyline - Late Evening, June.