Born and raised in Detroit, MI, now living in the surrounding suburbs, Jay Knapp began making art in the late 90’s, attending Wayne State University in downtown Detroit for his BFA in sculpture. He began showing his sculpture locally in 2001 while still completing his undergraduate degree, finally breaking onto the national level in 2010 with his first solo exhibition at the DIVA gallery in Eugene, Oregon. Since that time, Knapp has continued to exhibit his work across America on a regular basis.

Along with working as a fine artist, Knapp also works as a photographer of fine art, artifacts and architecture. Since 2000, he has had the privilege of being hired by some of the most prestigious art galleries in Michigan, numerous artists and art collectors, as well as working for private projects, most of which involved the photography, and historical interpretation of collections of industrial and scientific artifacts of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. 

Presently, Knapp lives and works at his home in Livonia, MI, where he continues to pursue his art in both sculpture and photography. While his effort and ambitions to participate with galleries across the United States is ever-present, he still remains an active member of the thriving Detroit artist community. 

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